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Are you looking for a safe, established Midnapore Daycare?

Midnapore Daycare, Sydney's Crib
129 Midbend Place SE Calgary, AB T2X 2J8 CA
Phone: 403-254-0782 Website: http://midnaporedaycare.com

Sydney's Crib has been operating as a day home provider in Midnapore for more than five years providing a safe, affordable alternative to a traditional Midnapore Daycare. 

Why choose Sydney's Crib over a traditional Midnapore daycare?

  1. Fewer children means more personalized care for your child
  2. Personalized learning, potty training and healthy meal plans for every child
  3. Constant communication with parents about your children's growth and development
  4. Special parties, events and themes to engage children's imaginations and develop interpersonal skills
  5. Weekly crafts, music and reading activities in a fun setting teaches children to enjoy learning
Not only this, but Sydney truly cares for each and every child under her supervision. She's watched most of the children she's cared for grow from young babies to going off to school and has a special place in her heart for all of them.

If you need a reliable Midnapore Day Care where your child will be safe and actually enjoy coming every day, consider Sydney's crib as your AFFORDABLE Midnapore Daycare alternative.

Save more than $200 monthly PER CHILD than other Midnapore daycare centers!

"My two girls have been coming to Sydney's Day Home for nearly 5 years. My oldest was only 9 months old and Sydney watched her as she grew to 5 years old and headed off to kindergarten. 

Sydney has worked with my girls and assisted with potty training and provided a safe stable environment even when things were rocky at home.

My girls love Sydney and she has been such a positive influence in their development. I especially appreciated all the special crafts and parties that Sydney came up with to keep them having fun.

I would STRONGLY recommend Sydney. She's been a wonderful caregiver for my children."
- Megan Maclean, Mother of 2 girls

"Sydney took care of my daughter until she became old enough to come home from school by herself and she continues to take care of my young son to this day.

What's great about Sydney is that you can tell she really cares about the children. From planning special activities to helping to potty train, she's always going the extra mile. She even went out of her way to help out when my husband was admitted to the hospital as we have no other family in Calgary.

Sydney has become a friend of our family and we appreciate her steady presence in our children's lives."
- Priyanka Vaid, Mother of 2 (1 girl, 1 boy)

Right now, rates as low as $800 for Full Time Care! Call Today!


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